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    Premier and Company Encryption Software

    Doyle Lonnigan Level 1

      Hi, all.

      I have attached to my work computer an external 320GB hard drive which I use for capturing and storing digital video.  The drive has never been removed and is not intended to be used as portable media.


      My company has recently installed software on all of our computers that requires any data sent to removable media to be encrypted in a way that can only be read by computers with this same software installed.  This is to protect sensitive client information, which is completely reasonable and understandable.  Unfortunately, since this new encryption software was installed, I have been unable to create new folders on this hard drive and Premier will not allow it to be designated as a scratch disc, telling me that I do not have access permissions. I also cannot save any projects opened from this disc back onto it.


      If I unplug the drive and reattach it, I am prompted by the encryption software "wizard" to convert the drive into encrypted format. I am hesitant to do this, since I don't understand how it will affect the files currently on the drive or how the drive's performance will be affected afterward.  I also fear that the encryption process might hinder the ability of my software to read from and write to it on the fly. The issue may be complicated further if the encryption process slows down the transfer rate, but that remains to be seen.


      I have sent a ticket to the IT department to let them know of my concerns, but I wanted to get some input from other Adobe users before I have them do anything irreversible.  Based on your experience, does anyone think Premier and After Effects will go batty if the video data has to be encrypted and unencrypted as it goes to and from the hard disc?  Anyone else working in a secure environment who could share their experience with this kind of thing?  The IT department doesn't know anything about video and I can't rely on them to know how this will affect my rig.  Any insight or advice to share before they come a-knockin'?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance!




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          fuaho Level 1

          The simple fact that the drive "is" removable, whether you use it that way or not, is going to be problematic.


          I would highly suggest you "social engineer" the following with the IT dep't:


          Have them install an internal media drive (or 4 - see various configuration recommendation threads on this forum) without encryption software. If you are not working with client's excel spreadsheets or word documents, just video that will eventually be distributed in some format anyway, (e.g., it will have a presence outside the network computers even if it is still internal), then you can make a better case for being opted out of the encryption requirement.


          As a compromise, ask them to make the NLE computer's USB ports inactive except for printing. This will help satisfy the security requirements they are trying to implement. Remember, it is probably not their idea to do all this. Whatever you can do to make it difficult or impossible for data to be removed from this computer will increase your chances of making a compelling argument against encryption.


          Make the IT department responsible for creating a backup of all your unencrypted media before anything else - even if they have to uninstall the encryption software, make the backup and then reinstall it. Keep this backup separate and unencrypted until the dust has settled.


          If they absolutely refuse to let you be exempted, find the video "wannabe" in the IT department and involve him in the process of making the NLE software work with the encryption software. Perhaps when he gives up you'll finally be able to do without. Or, maybe, it will be working properly.


          Either way, sit back and wait for the howls of dismay when suddenly some critical files in another department are no longer accessible because of a conflict between the encryption and the some security update. 

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            Doyle Lonnigan Level 1

            That's pretty much what I expected.  Apparently, it's possible to be put into a group which is exempted from the encryption requirement, so I'm currently pursuing that option.  Unfortunately, I can't do much with video until this is cleared up!  Anyway, I appreciate you confirming my suspicions and thank you for taking the time to post.