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    Do we need to merge in order to link from one project to another

      We are working on setting up a new webhelp system using RH 7. The application for which we are writing incorporates numerous large "modules," each of which we expect to have its own help project containing 100-200 topics (page-level, context-sensitive help).

      Each help project will reside in its own folder. All of the help project folders will, in turn, reside in one main "Online Help" folder.

      Is there a way to link from a topic in one project to a topic in another project *without* merging the projects? Our aim is to re-use information by creating common topics (such as "Using the XYZ Product Toolbars" or "Options for Saving Your Data"), storing them in *one* project only, and then linking to these common topics from other the other projects as needed.

      In HTML help you can do this. But I don't know about WebHelp. I was looking at the Snippets feature, but I'm not sure that accomplishes what we want. Our main concern is to maintain common topics in one place only and not have to worry about multiple copies of topics floating around.

      Thanks very much for any assistance with this.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Snippets reside within a project so the nearest you would get is maintaining them in one project, importing them and reimporting whenever you make a change.

          To create links to topics in other projects without importing I think the only way to do it would be to manually enter the relative path as it will be between the two outputs. Will you always know that?

          I don't understand why you don't want to go to merged help as it looks like your scenario is just crying out for it?