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    Fireworks Zoom menu does not work in Mac 10.6

    The Hammer

      I have Fireworks CS4 with Mac OS 10.6.2.


      Strangely, the zoom in and out keyboard shortcuts do not work.  Neither does the View/Zoom In  menu work.  The only way I can zoom in or out is using the % size drop down menu in the lower right of the open window.

      is the version of Fireworks that I am using.


      Is there anyway I can work around this bug?  Or just wait until Adobe and Apple figure it out?


      An addition:


      It works fine when I have only one photo open.  It will not work when I have multiple photos opened as tabs.


      It is also annoying that when I go to export through Image Preview, that the image that pops up to export is frequently not the open tab.