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    I need some help!

    Pasewark Level 1
      I'm building my first Flash site and I have some questions and need some help. I'm using very basic AS2 script using script assist:

      1. I built the site navigation as a movie which contains buttons. The buttons have sound. When I test the sound on the movie level they play. When I test the movie, they don't.

      2. I've added the following code to a button in that navigation movie on the first scene "home":
      on (release) {
      gotoAndPlay("print", 1);

      I thought it would go to the first frame of scene "print" but on release it plays the first scene "home" again.

      If I iron out these issues, I'm pretty sure I can move to the next step in the process.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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          Pasewark Level 1
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            clbeech Level 3
            well the first thing is: don't use 'scenes' for timeline navigation. this seems like a good idea right - but it cause a great many problems when using code and it is really only intended for 'straight-line' animation management.

            instead you should use 'frame labels' to create 'sections' of the timeline that you can navigate to. to do so create a layer called 'labels' and click on a frame (like 1) and in the properties panel you'll see a box on the left that says <Frame label> type the name in there like 'home' for instance. insert a new keyframe on down the timeline for the next 'section' and do the same. then when navigating the timeline sections you call the frame label only rather than the frame number - as in, to navigate to the home section call:


            OR for instance: