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    Neat Video problem fyi

    Curt Wrigley Level 4

      My system is usually very stable.   But today my system frooze several times while either rendering or exporting a 1 hour timeline.   It took me a while to narrow it down.


      Turns out; I had the "Neat video" noise filter in a clip twice by accident.  Whenever a render or export got to this clip, my whole machine frooze (not even CTrl Alt Del would respond).   Removing the double noise filter fixed it.


      The reason I needed the filter in the first place is my B cam operator switched the cam to Auto GAIN cause the lighting was poor.  Well; I never shoot in auto gain as HD shows gain noise Very Well.   So, the Neat video plugin filter works well for fixing the gain noise.   But it seems will crash your system if on the same clip twice.   At least it did for me.

      Just an FYI

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Thanks for that. Sounds like Paste Attributes might have gotten you there. I've looked at Clips and wondered, "what the hell was I thinking?" Looking, there were two Levels adjustments, or similar.


          I use Neat Video on occasion, and will keep an eye out for this one.