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    Word wrapping of HTML source

      The source (HTML) view of a topic is always formatted with extra carriage returns and tabs. I appreciate the fact that the lines of html are word wrapped. However, I don't need or want all these extra formatting characters. It makes search and replace very difficult. Can I disable this feature?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Ed

          Unfortunately there is no way I'm aware of to influence a change in this behavior.

          Cheers... Rick
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            MergeThis Level 4
            Most code editors use tabs and colors as does RH (this is what is needed when dealing with markup languages).

            There are good multi-line (usually with Starting, Ending, Including, Not Including options) products out there. I use FAR, and others on the forum use the free BK ReplaceEm tool.

            Good luck,
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              ed_larrabee Level 1
              I agree that there are other good text editors. However, the WYSIWYG part of the Robohelp editor is very good. It is just a pain to try to do multi-file search and replace operations, when the files have unpredictable numbers of CRs and Tabs inserted into the text.
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                MergeThis Level 4
                It is what it is.

                Investigate the two Find&Replace tools I mentioned, or see if you can find something else more to your liking.

                Good luck,
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                  Margaret Becker Level 1
                  I use EditPlus for these operations. You can search multiple files, replace Breaks and <p> and do other searches quickly. In addition, it has a very nice macro function for tweaking blocks of text.

                  You can also deal with hhk and other text-based files. This is very useful for changing a whole wad of broken links at once including links in the hhc and hhk files.

                  I can open stuff in EditPlus while RoboHTML is running. RoboHTML's editor also does a nice job of deleting unmatched formating openers like <span> <blockquote> <p>, etc. As soon as you save the EditPlus file, RoboHTML updates the page.

                  In addition, EditPlus will open hundreds of files at once.