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    Unwanted white space in Illustrator CS3 EPS


      Hai All


      I am facing a problem with the specific image find the attahced.


      There is no white space in images (87862fig2_3.eps) if we open it in “Adobe Illustrator CS3”. We have imported the same image in “In Design CS3”, but there was some white space exists in top and bottom of the image. I have opened the same image in the Adobe Illustrator CS3 and "Save As" the same now the white space is not appearing around the image.

      Please advice why i am facing this problem


      Thanks in advance


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          I downloaded the eps and I opened it in AI and there was no problem I saved it as an AI file and placed it in ID and had no problem I then saved it as a eps and had no problem when placing it in ID. This would be on a Mac.


          I do however get the same result when I place your eps in ID it goes away when I open in AI and then save it out again from AI as an eps or ai file.


          This is with CS 4.but I do not recall ever seeing this problem in CS 3? I attached the files I saved from AI CS 4 see if there still exist the problem when you place these files in ID or AI? I think the problem will not be present.


          What are your setting when saving from AI as an eps?