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    Is there no precision nudging in PP CS4....no way...how can you work?


      I'm working on a project and I need to nudge an audio clip to match up with another audio clip that is part of a video clip....I can nudge down to one frame at a time precision and no better....yes snap is off....I need to nudge about 1/4 a frame or less to get the audio to be exactly in sink....can't seem to do it or find out how to get this kind of precision nudging....looked all over the web and in the forums...... is there a way?


      Also what's the deal with the wave form sort of graying out when you attempt to move an audio or video track for that matter....you can't see the wave form to use it as a guide to match it up with other existing audio or video tracks.........is Adobe really still that far behind in software development?


      Man I hope there is an answer for all of this if not then I'll probably have to do the audio part of the project in Nuendo and bring it all back into Premiere....if that's the case what kind of work flow is that....not productive for sure.