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    Freeze frame "settings" button missing in PRE8

    Gazz52 Level 1

      After determing a frame to produce a still image from, I select the freeze frame function followed by the "Export..." button. This action opens the export frame window where in PRE v7 I had the "setting" buttons to use if required. This button is not available in PRE8! I used this settings button to correct the aspect ratio when required for a still image.

      Has this function been removed in PRE8? If so, how do you correct the aspect ratio for a still image? Or if this function button is available, how do I get it to appear?

      (I also note that "Export" in File > Export where I can access freeze frame settings in PRE7 is NOT active i.e. not available in PRE8. I think this is the same issue??)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, this has been removed in version 8. You can now access these settings under Share/Personal Computer/Still Photo.


          (FWIW, in my books on version 8, I show you how to create a preset for outputting a photo with more standard square pixels )

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            Gazz52 Level 1

            Thanks Steve. This solution works however I now have 2 further comments...

            1. Locating this function in "share" is poor workflow i.e. you have to go to a different tab/area to create the still.
            2. The image (attached) which was created using the setting "JPEG- HD1920x1080" does not fill the entire screen. I am left with black bars down either side? Any suggestions of how to rectify this?
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              This is why you need my book, Gazz!


              When it comes to outputting a still using Share/Personal Computer in version 8, you can use one of the presets or create one of your own. I give instructions for creating a square pixel preset output in book, since none of the presets will do so.


              I'm assuming you're outputting from a hi-def video. If so, and you plan to use this still in a hi-def project, then you want to choose the 1440x1080 option. This will output an animorphic (non-square pixel) image that should work perfectly in your hi-def project.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Though I am anything but a "big button guy," I would like to see the Export>Still Frame (regardless of from whence it's accessed) be simplified in both Adobe programs, PrE and PrPro. When PrPro CS4 was introduced, they took a simple process and reworked it. Then, it took 8 steps, just to do a Still Frame! With CS 4.2, things got better, but they forgot to add back in the "Add to Project" setting from earlier versions. About half the time, I do this. With a checkbox, that was easy. Half the time, I left it checked, and the other half, I unchecked it. Now, in PrPro CS4.2, it takes about 3 more steps to add the Exported Still Frame to the Project.


                What I would like would be a single button, and the ability to establish a default Preset, especially a custom one. The only dialog would be, "Add to Project?" and it would be a simple radio button. Maybe even allow the user to customize that in their custom default, with a potential override available, if needed. I'd do this for both PrE and PrPro. It would take moments to set up, and then would be just a click away.


                Good luck,