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    Newbie need help on hardware


      Hello everyone I am new here was reading some of the postings here.  I will be purchasing CS4 production within the next few weeks coming from FCP yes I know that is bad word here.  Anyway I will be building my own computer and I was reading on one of the post about harddrives.  One for OS one for page file/scratch/render and one for media.  Could someone give me a little more detail. What is a pagefile?  And will CS4 give the options to place this media? I will be editing DV, AVCHD, and in the future P2. 


      1. Do I need a raid drive?

      2. Are the  other two drives for media and render internal or external?

      3. If external can someone give me an example of a setup eSATA, firewire etc?


      I was reading that the Matrox RTX2 was not necessary.

      Any other advise would be greatly appreciated.