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    Get rid of the 'Missing'with Custom Effects




      i've created some Custom Effects with Ae.But some of them have the word 'Missing'in front of the actual Effect.

      how can i get rid of that?All Effects work though.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What exactly are you doing? "Missing" refers to the required effects plug-ins not being physically present, so unless you have the same set of plug-ins on all machines, there is no way avoid this behavior.



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            didgi. Level 1



            well,i'm creating some custom effects in the PresetEffects.xml file.I get this 'missing' errors




            i'm using the effects only on one machine atm.


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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Do you correctly reference effects by their matchname as e.g. listed here? That would be the most critical part of the exercise. Short of that I can't think of another reason, if you are exclusively working on your own system....



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                I have the same problem.


                I'm running both CS4 and CS5 here and have appended the exact same Custom Effect code to the PresetEffects.xml file in each version.


                The CS4 project works fine; but when the same project is opened (and converted of course) in to CS5 I get a dialog warning me that the effects are missing, and I get the "Missing: " text in front of the effect name everywhere it appears.


                However as noted the effects still seem to work: that is, the controls are still there and usable and the expressions attached to their parameters have come through intact.


                I have verified this to be the case also with CE's from Maltaanon and others which are installed via the PolyCE Installer AIR application. They work in CS4 but are displayed as "Missing: " in CS5.


                However the original poster says only "some" of their effects have this problem? Maybe you could analyze the any possible difference in how you coded them? Has something changed with the XML syntax or something?


                Would be nice if this was fixed and for that matter also nice if they finally enable the "Popup" type controller via XML as well..;)