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    What am I doing wrong here with titler?


      I've been using titler for like...ever...suddenly now for some stupid reason when I copy & paste a title I made, make some changes to it, it doesn't save t he changes!?


      I see the changes I CLEARLY made in the titler window but it doesnt show up on the video, only the old one does. When i double click on a different title and then go back to the one I just change it reverts back to the one that was originally copied....


      I tried making a new sequence, new title, typed some letters in there, threw the title on the timeline, made sure my time marker was over it but nothing shows up...I made another title did the same thing, no go. Went back to the title before that and it seems like the text I made wasn't even there...


      I read on the cow forums that you have to save after u do a change but that didn't help me any.


      The only thing that seems to help is restarting premiere...but like this is starting to to occur very frequently and I have no idea why. Restarting is SUCH a huge pain especially because my project is huge. It takes a good 3 minutes just for it to load all the media.


      Any ideas on what I'm doing to cause this 'bug' if its a bug....i really need to avoid/fix it if possible.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is just a guess, so bear with me.


          When one creates a Title in PrPro, and then drags it from the Project Panel to the Timeline, what they have is an "instance" of that Title. If one has, say 5 instances of that Title in the Timeline, and then edit one of those, it will update all instances. If one wants to change just one instance, they would Open that one in Titler (Dbl-click) and then choose the Based on Title icon (upper-left). This will create another Title, that will be based on the existing one. Now, they would want to replace that instance of Title 1 with their Title 2 (based on Title 1, but edited to be a different Title).


          Sounds like you're editing the "master" Title, but wanting those edits to apply to just one instance of it in the Timeline.


          Hope that helps,



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            genoism Level 1

            I hear what your saying wine but I don't think thats the issue. I create a title and regardless of which way i edit it (either through the project pane or the timeline) the issue is still there. It doesn't save the changes.


            Furthermore.....90% of the time it works fine. Why does it suddenly require a restart is beyond me...I've been working with the titler hardcore for almost a year now and have NEVER had this issue before. My workflow hasn't change at all....For now however, all im doing is restarting premiere everytime it crops up and the issue goes  away for a while....maybe its some nasty memory issue or something...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Other than workflow, I have not read of this issue, and have never encountered it. Some of my Projects have hundreds of Titles created in Titler. However, with major Titling, I will often create the text in Word/WordPerfect (using spell checker) and then construct the actual Titles in PS. I often Layer the text there, so I can animate each Layer.


              One the Titles that you are getting failures on, are these new Titles, based on the standard Template, of are you basing them on a Saved Template of your construction?


              As for a memory issue, Titler does use a few more resources, than just PrPro, but that that much. Still, this ARTICLE might get you going, if resources ARE an issue. Either way, the tips in it will help your overall editing experience.


              Maybe some else will have something else to add. Other than a corrupt font, I've never had any issue with Titler.


              Good luck,