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    Solved: Related Topics text-decoration in FF vs IE

    James K. Patrick

      Morning all,


      I've generated WebHelp from RH8.0.2 and most everything works as expected.


      The Related Topics links at the bottom of my topics, and the associated popup box of topics appear just fine in IE versions.


      In FF 3.0 and 3.5, the Related Topics link is underlined (even though "underline" is not selected in the Related Topics Properties dialog/Font tab in HTML view), and the topics in the popup box are underlined where no text is below the topic title. See the below screen shot.




      The CSS as shown by FireBug for the pop up box is:


      .PopupNotOver {
      background:#C0C0C0 none repeat scroll 0 0;

      Can anyone help me understand why FF is apparently NOT paying attention to the "text-decoration: none;"?

      Thanks much!

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          James K. Patrick Level 1

          Figured it out - at least to some extent.


          Text-decoration does not inherit the same way as other properties. Setting text-decoration on an ancestor selector <a> applies across all descendent selectors like <p> and <span> contained in <a>. FF does this per CSS - apparently IE does not.


          Modifed my CSS w/ the following:

          /* Display "Related Topics" link in FF without the default underline */
          a[title=" Related Topics"] {
              text-decoration: none;
          /* Display "Related Topics" popup without intermittent underline in FF */   
          div#PopupMenu a {
              text-decoration: none;


          Note that in the first selector, there is a space before Related Topics - this is how RH generates the HTML.

          Note the second selector will affect all divs w/ an ID of PopupMenu - i.e. it can have affect beyond what you may want.

          Note that the underline in FF appears intermittent due to the leading of the lines in the popup box when clicking Related Topics.