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    HELP! why I can't install CS4 on Snow Leopard


      I don't know where to turn. I have been on hold and support for over 7 hrs in 2 days. I got a new IMAC Snow Leopard 10.6.2. Had old AI CS. Upgraded to CS4. Every time time I try to install, it fails. I have tried trial version also. No Avail! I have tried probably 15 times - according to tech support, keep trying diff. things. I am totally CONFUSED. Tried over and over, uninstalling and CS4 CleanScript. Said to trash my old CS. That is in the trash but alias icon on my desktop.. Deleted preferences, restarted... Cleaned restarted. Color Sync, dragged profiles to desktop. They keep telling me to restart and try set up again. I DON'T think they know what to do and their accents are killing me.... it takes more time repeating because can't understand them. Is there NO WAY to talk to someone from the US? or they are all out-sourced??? I am a newbie to new mac and ILL. I only use to color things in or change. Very minimal usage but I NEED! Where do I turn?? I am so confused I don't know what to do....


      Thank You!

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          cdusher1 Level 1

          I feel for you, but really don't know.  Sounds like you've done all you can do.

          I have it installed on my MacPro desktop running Snow Leopard without a problem, so it shouldn't be the OS.

          I had a bad time with Photoshop (before Snow Leopard), but finally did get it resolved with Adobe's help (acents and all).

          Snow Leopard has not given me any problems with Adobe software.

          Good luck.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            Something went wrong and you probably did something out of order on the way and that mess things up even worse. Not at ll your fault just the way it goes it was probably something you did not notice. Or even more probable something is set wrong and you do not know it.


            Could be time zone and date and time could be off there could a language setting conflict. And could even be conflict with an application that is installed or with the preferences for another application. Could be of course firewall stuff or other security software like virus protection. Could in rare instance be a font.


            That is neither here nor there but this should give you a fresh start and leave the color sync stuff a lone.


            Two things you can try first create a new user and log in to that new user and try to install from there. Then try safe boot (restart the computer holding down the shift key as it restarts) then try to install.


            Worth a try.


            then it hat does not work you should try an archival reinstall of the system.

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              esleppy Level 1

              I did try setting up a new user and logged on from there. That also did not work.


              When I ran the adobe support advisor after it failed, it gave me this:


              Adobe Photoshop CS4:

              1511 Unable to copy file from "/tmp/.tempdirXPwyR6tS/Assets/universal/Electronic/assets/River of Unreality Media/14_3-6_2_Intro_l_4.wav" to "/Applications/Adobe Soundbooth Scores/Electronic/assets/River of Unreality Media/14_3-6_2_Intro_l_4.wav"
              1511 Command ARKCopyFileCommand failed.
              JavaScript processing failed with error:
              Uncaught JavaScript exception: ThrowIfFalse throw.


              I am sorry I am so totally confused from the last 2 days and I really am a novice at the tech stuff. I usually have to be told in very clear layman's terms what to do. I get instantly confused when it is written in tech jargon. The solution according to KB403912 says to update user privileges to files. I can't even seem to find the folder they are talking about and am lost on the first sentence. I just got this new computer and am probably way over my head.

              I am even afraid to do safe reboot. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Sincerely!

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                cdusher1 Level 1

                The user privileges referred to are accomplished by using "disk utility".

                Look in your "utilities" folder. Open "disk utility",  highlight your main drive and click on "repair permissions".

                This is a common practice and will not hurt anything and, with a little luck, it may help.

                I also received an email from someone else, which I'm sure was meant for you.

                I'm forwarding it to you in case you did not get it.

                Good luck.

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                  cdusher1 Level 1

                  Opps, I see it emails when posted and vise virsa.

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                    esleppy Level 1

                    All I can say is THANK YOU! I did the repair permissions, then I went to my original download and started over. Downloaded the original that I ordered and set up again! AMEN! I am so happy... THANK YOU! The funny thing is, couldn't they have told me this before??? Was it really something so simple? I am totally frustrated with their support or LACK of...


                    Another question if I may... The last guy kept told me to pull PROFILES and AUDIO and put them on my desktop.... and my old ILL CS is in the trash...

                    Can I get rid of these?

                    Thank you so much for all who tried to help me.

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                      cdusher1 Level 1

                      Glad it worked.  Many times it's something simple.  Believe me, I know the frustration.

                      If you did a complete re-install I suspect those file were replaced and you can just trash the old ones.

                      Good luck.

                      Many times support is so dependent on who you happen to get on the phone.

                      I had several go arounds with a Photoshop install.

                      Many times some of these forums are a very good resource when everything else fails.

                      The Apple forums are usually quite good on Apple related questions also.