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    Objects to show at different times on a slide not showing up


      Hi  Everyone,


      I hope this problem is minor and that I’m just missing a small step but here it goes…


      I’m using Captivate 4 and I’ve only been using it on one particular computer. I updated a captivate project that I’ve been working on since September and I’ve finished all the edits (added a picture, changed a few words) as requested by colleauges when all of a sudden, some objects that were suppose to show at different times on the slide were not showing up at all. The frustrating part is I actually finished the project! When I do a preview within the edit view, the objects appear as it should, however, when I publish it or do a preview on wepage, the objects are not appearing at all (ie a word at 10 sec, another at 20 sec). Anway, there were only 3 slides acting like this, all with objects are suppose to show up at different times on the slide (these were not the slides that I recently edited). My video works fine, my quiz works fine, and I’ve uploaded an initial version of my work on a Pathlore LMS with no problems (publish specs: flash 8, AS2).


      I have several other projects that are less complicated (ie no video, no objects showing at different times within the slide) and they are OK. I’ve checked on other computers and same problem.


      I tried deleting the slides, and redoing it again within the same project but still wont work I tried copying everthing on a new project with the same size with no luck.


      I tried making a 2 slide project with objects showing up at different times and it works.


      Is my project corrupted in some way? What are the possible culprits for this problem?


      I really hope I don’t have to start from scratch…


      Thanks in advance!