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    [how to] PE8, scenes tags without scene submenu




      I would like to put scene tags in my video but I don't want to have a scene submenu on the DVD. is this possible and if so, how ?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I'm not exactly what you mean by "scene tags." If you mean Chapter Markers for the DVD, how do you plan on using these without a Scene Selection Menu?


          Because the authoring in PrE is semi-automatic and does not offer a lot of customization, beyond the type and locations of Markers, I rather doubt that you can establish any navigation, beyond what is provided in the Menu Template Sets.


          Still, if you could describe what you wish to have happen, there could be workarounds, or maybe other programs to author, that would get you what you want.


          Good luck, and please give us a few more details,



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            SIPyer Level 1

            I got 2 videos I want to put on my DVD. I add <main menu markers> to go to the one or the other. I want to have <scenes markers> (chapter markers?) in each video to be able to navigate with the next/previous scene/chapter button on my remote.


            but I don't want PE to add the <scene selection> entry on the main menu screen, neither create the scene selection screens. on the main menu screen, I just want the <play movie> button with 2 other buttons, one for the 1st video and one for the second.


            [terms between < and > are tranlated from the french interface and may not be the correct english terms]

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              That sort of navigation would be easy in a full-featured authoring program, like Adobe Encore.


              However, I do not think that one could do it in PrE, as its authoring capabilities are limited.


              Now, I would guess that Sony's DVD Architect can do this too. I just do not know that program, so do not know its capabilities. I'd ask your question, in the forum at Muvipix (Community), and ask about DVD Architect. I know that a lot of folk over there use that program, and our MOD, Steve Grisetti, has even written a book on using that program for authoring. It's not very expensive, but seems to be quite powerful and easy to use. I just do all of my work in Encore, so have not investigated alternatives - sorry.


              Maybe Steve will stop by this thread and can offer you info on DVD Architect. Seems that there might be a couple of versions.


              Good luck,



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                ruffhouseutah Level 1

                I tried to do this as well, and found a decent work-around:


                Go to the main menu screen, double-click on the "Scene Selection" sub-menu button so that you can edit the text.


                Remove all the text and click OK.


                Shrink the button as small as it can go, using one of the corner handles.


                Move the button into one of the corners of the screen, as far as you can.


                It will be out of the safe margin and out of view for most players, and for those that can see it, depending on the type of menu you choose, it might just look like part of the background.


                Good luck!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Interesting workaround. It's almost like creating an easter egg. In most full-featured authoring programs, one can create "invisible" Buttons for this purpose. The user can navigate to it, using the arrow keys on the player's remote (or the mouse cursor in a DVD software player on a computer), and access it that way, but it does not show up.


                  Thanks for that little tip,