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    PE8 for mac or such like PE8?



      i'm using PE8 on my Win7 machine. But i've got an mac at xmas (yippie). Now i want to change my license from pc to mac. but it seems there is no mac version of PE. i am a bit confused right now. cause all other adobe products are available for both OS. Anyway is another app existing that offers the same workflow like PE8 for mac? did you know that?


      thank you very much and happy new year!!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There is no Mac version of PrE. The same is true for Adobe Audition and a very few other programs. Between PrPro 1.0 and CS3, there was no Mac version, but as of CS3, and now CS4, there is a Mac version.


          I do not know how well, if at all, PrE will run under some of the PC-emulation programs, Parallels, Bootcamp, etc.? I know that Steve Grisetti has both Mac's and PC's, but do not recall hearing him speak of running PrE on his Mac's with some form of emulation. Might be possible, but might not be too. Maybe he will drop by and educate us both.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Well, Boot Camp isn't so much an emulation as it is a whole separate boot-up so that you can use your Mac with Mac OSX or Windows. I'm running mine with Windows 7, and Premiere Elements runs great on it! (And, when I'm running it as a Mac, I'm using Final Cut Express, a very nice, professional-style editor that's not even remotely user friendly.)

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              Thank you for that clarification. I will watch the use of "emulation." As you can tell, I am Mac-illiterate.


              Glad you stopped by, as I knew that you could help the OP.