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    Duplicate Topic, Then Rename causes RH7 Crash ?

    J. Korak

      I am able to duplicate a topic and save the default.  The file name is taken from the original Topic Title and preceeded with 'Copy_of'_".  I can right click and select Rename and change the name of the file and save.  I can change the 'Topic Title' in the new file by editing in 'Properties'.   However, when I select 'Save', RoboHelp crashes ("RoboHelp 7 has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Please close the pgm.") .  This crash happens in a couple of different sequences involving the duplication of topics.  Note that the new file exists, but the crash seems to involve only the renaming of the Topic Title not the filename.  I've deleted the .xpj and .cpd and restarted.