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    CFBuilder Debugging - need help setting it up

    redtopia Level 1

      I need some help configuring my local development machine for CFBuilder debugging. My computer works for CF application development, but I'm having problems configuring everything in CFBuilder/Eclipse for debugging, and I'm not entirely sure I understand how this is supposed to work. CFBuilder is installed and connected to RDS, and the CF Administrator is setup to do line level debugging. I'm running Windows 7 x64 with ColdFusion 9 (using IIS).


      All my projects are in my "C:\Dev" folder, and each project contains a "www" folder, which is the web root for the project. So I've got my projects organized like this:








      I've created a ColdFusion project for this project and mapped it directly to the "www" root folder. In IIS, the project is mapped to a virtual directory under the default web site, and cab be accessed from ""


      I don't think I have my Eclipse environment setup correctly. I'm completely lost as to how to setup a server correctly in CFBuilder and map it to each of my projects. I'm also unsure about how to configure the debugging settings in the ColdFusion preferences. Following some directions I found online, I setup a server in the servers list in the coldfusion perspective. I did this after setting up my RDS server, which I named "Local RDS Server." So I named this new server "Local CF Server." And not being sure about any of these settings, I also setup a URL Prefix for "testsite" that is mapped to the local path: (C:\Dev\TestSite\www) and "http:\\\testsite. And then I also created a Virtual Host Setting (name: testsite, hostname:, port: 80, document root: C:\Dev\TestSite\www).


      In the Debug Mappings setting in my preferences window, I can only specify my "Local RDS Server" even though it will let me select my "Local CF Server." So I'm not sure if I even need my "Local CF Server."

      Can anyone point me to some help to get this setup correctly? I'm completely confused.