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    Adobe 7 to 9.2 -emailing pdf disconnection


      This morning I updated my Adobe Reader from version 7 to  version 9.2 .     The only time I use the reader is at www.newspaperarchive.com  - to read pdf's of newspapers.   I use Windows XP  and I "think"  OE is 7.     In the past with Adobe 7  I could email a copy of the pdf to others.   With the new verson 9.2 of Adobe Reader, I can no longer use the email function.  When I click the email icon, I chose to send a copy of the pdf.  And when I click this - I AM DISCONNECTED from the newspaper website.  Totally disconnected from the site - not taken to my homepage or server homepage - nothing -

      I have subscribed to the archive for years, and have emailed copies of a pdf many times without any problems.  Now with v. 9.2 I am having a problem.   HELP !!


      Ruth S.