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    Debugging - need configuration help

    redtopia Level 1

      I also posted this in Advanced Techniques by accident...


      I need some help configuring my local development machine for CFBuilder debugging. CF application development is configured correctly, but I'm having problems configuring debugging settings for CFBuilder/Eclipse. CFBuilder is installed and connected to RDS, and the CF Administrator is setup to do line level debugging. I'm running Windows 7 x64 with ColdFusion 9 (using IIS).


      All my projects are in my "C:\Dev" folder, and each project contains a "www" folder, which is the web root for the project. So I've got my projects organized like this:






                www  <--- web root folder


      I've created a ColdFusion project and mapped it directly to the "www" root folder. In IIS, the web root folder is mapped via a virtual directory under the default web site, and is accessed from ""


      I configured my RDS Server, which works correctly, so I can see the databases on the server. Nice. I also setup a server in the servers list in the coldfusion perspective and imported the settings directly from my RDS server. This one has the same name as my RDS server, which is "Local RDS Server." I also added a URL Prefix for "testsite" that is mapped to the local path: (C:\Dev\TestSite\www) and "http:\\\testsite. And finally, in the Debug Mappings (preferences window), I specified "Local RDS Server."


      Everything seems to be setup, but I still cannot debug. Here's what happens:


      From the ColdFusion perspective, I right click on index.cfm and select "Debug As -> ColdFusion Application" The first time I do this, it switches over to the ColdFusion Debugging Perspective and loads "http://homepage/" and then nothing seems to work. In the Debug tab, it shows me that it created a new launch for my project as follows:



           Local RDS Server

                ColdFusion Template


      I can see my breakpoint in my breakpoints tab. But I can't seem to get any farther. I can't find a way to run to my breakpoint.The home page for the active debugging session is "http://homepage/" which is something that I don't understand. How do I make CFBuilder go to the correct home page for the debugging session? That might be the key.

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          Bhakti Pingale Level 2



          Are you able to preview(in internal browser or RunAs -> CF Application) the files(specially index.cfm) in your project successfully?

          Also have you associated your project with the server 'Local RDS Server'?



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            redtopia Level 1

            My previous post had to do with migrating an eclipse project over to a coldfusion project... that was my first one. I was finally able to get running under the debugger. Very nice!! I'm so happy to have a debugger available now!!!!


            I just started setting up my next project, but I'm stumped. When I right-click on this new project, and I go to properties, and then click on my ColdFusion Server Settings pane, I want to be able to specify the address to use for debugging, which I would assume should be in the "Sample URL" field. But the field is disabled and it says "Sample URL is not available. (Project is not in document root of server Local RDS Server).


            Local RDS Server is the local RDS server I setup, but I see where I specify a document root for the RDS server... I just specify a Host Name, which is my local IP address for my projects.


            Any ideas?

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              Bhakti Pingale Level 2

              Hi ,


              Please right click on the project and you will see an option 'Set URL Prefix' . Use that to set the URL for your Project.




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                Yeah, I'm getting http://homepage/ as well.


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                  MaryJo Level 1

                  I'm also stumped trying to get the debugging in CF Builder to work. I also get the http://homepage even though when I right-click and do the Set URL Prefix, it does have the correct value there. Where do you set debugger settings is what I can't figure out. There should be a place to at least enter the port, right? The debug configuration screen just asks for the project and the associated server. When I right-click the project and go to Properties, there is a section there for Run/Debug settings, but everything is greyed out. I'm stumped.


                  Using CFB Beta 3, build 270225

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                    redtopia Level 1

                    After enabling line level debugging in the administrator (Debugger Settings) and getting RDS configured in CFB, you can set debugging settings in the Preferences under ColdFusion->Debug Mappings. Make sure your RDS server is selected. In ColdFusion-Debug Settings, the Home Page URL might be something to look at, but I think this is overridden by the Set URL Prefix in the project settings. Not sure about that, but I have an invalid Home Page URL set, and I can still debug.


                    Make sure you initiate your debugging from the ColdFusion Debugging perspective. From the little bug icon, I select "Debug As" and then select "ColdFusion Application" (assuming I don't already have an active session in my debug pane.

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                      MaryJo Level 1

                      Well, after playing some more it does seem to be working, although not entirely sure what I did to get it. I have multiple servers in the Debug Mappings, but those were already set up and seem to be fine. What I did notice, is that now the Home Page URL in the Preferences has the current site I'm working on, even though I didn't enter it myself there. I'm guessing that setting is indeed the one that was causing the problem...not sure why there would be a setting in the Preferences for a URL that isn't set on a per-project or per-server basis. Likewise the scopes to output, would be nice to be able to set that on a per-site basis.

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                        redtopia Level 1

                        I agree.. not sure what the Home Page URL does in the preferences. I am debugging on a per-project basis and I assume that's because I can override it with the Set URL Prefix setting in the project.