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    Where can I complain so that Adobe will take notice and rectify a problem?

    WalterSeaton Level 1

      I have just installed Premiere Elements 8.0 and Photoshop Elements 8.0. I took out the first CD from the pack and installed Photoshop - no problem at all.


      Since there were no instructions to the contrary, I assumed that Premiere was on the second CD (they look essentially identical). When I inserted it into my drive, I got a screen (attachment 1). I continued to follow the installation instructions until I received an error message (attachment 2). There appeared to be no way I could install Premiere and called Adobe Tech Service where, after some waiting and talking to others, I finished up with a representative who said he helps with installation problems. I gave him all the details of what I had done, including reading to him the contents of the two above attachments and pointing out that the welcome screen only contained reference to Premiere (I told him I assumed that it was because the system recognized that I had already installed Photoshop). He told me that my existing installation of Premiere Elements 7 was probably interfering with the installation and advised me to uninstall it. He also gave me a Case Number (181 358 820). I did this, again with the above results. In desperation I read all the fine print on the two CDs in the set and realized they had different serial numbers. I then put the first CD into my drive and the installation moved forward without a problem. When I subsequently opened Premiere I was greeted with a new message (attachment 3)!!!!


      What am I to think about the "Technical Representative" who got me to unnecessarily uninstall Premiere 7 and with it all my previous settings which I must now re-enter?


      Afterwards, I checked all the literature which was included with the CDs - nowhere was there any indication that both applications were included on CD 1 and that CD 2 was an add-on. As is obvious in my case, it is useless to provide this information only once Premiere has been completely installed.


      I strongly recommend that Adobe follow the lead of Microsoft and Corel (to name but two) who not only carefully label each disc of a set with its contents but also make very clear in their installation instructions the sequence in which the disc contents are to be installed.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In regards to your incomplete installation of the Functional Content, you can do that now from the installer on the second disc.


          I do not have PrE 8 suite, so this is a general observation from dozens of other Adobe Suites. The welcome screen (AutoRun) on the first disc will have a menu of the programs in that suite, and an active link to Install All, or the separate elements of the suite. That has been the norm since the release of CS (Creative Suite). Not sure how they may have changed things for PrE/PSE 8, but it sounds as though one could easily be confused.


          As for contacting Adobe, there is a link on the main forum page for that.


          Also, I would not list your Adobe Case # in the forum. Adobe does not read these, so it is of no use to them, plus all who view the forum will have access to it.


          Good luck,




          PS - due to the installation problems, one can also do Repair Installations of programs that are only partially installed (this is not for the Functional Content, but with the installation of the program), or corrupt installations of Adobe Programs. This is simple and has always been great for all users (myself included), who have used it.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            And, of course, the easiest way to contact Adobe is to click on the Contact button at the top of this page!