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    cs3 - scaling down avi and using both 720x480 and 450x336

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      Success !  Finally !


      Purpose of project: To look at on my computer....as long as it looks good and the sound is in sync, I will be happy.


      As some here know I've been trying for some time to use a single long clip of wide angle 720x480 avi in a way that allows me to create medium and close up shots from the same footage. At first I tried exporting the 720x480 to a smaller size to re-import to CS3...So I could create a project of, say...360x240 and use the 720x480 (portions) as the medium / close up.  That was a complete bust for two reasons.

      1) Stuff exported compressed and changed does not go back into CS3 well..or any editor well...and even in those rare occassions when I tested successfully another export from re-imported 360x240, the results were all garbabe, using every known codec to mankind.

      2) 360x240 is NOT A GOOD SIZE FOR ANYTHING

      This is an unwritten rule of law in the world of editing : Anything at 360x240 will be trash at best.  It took me a couple weeks to figure that out.


      Sooo, I went to 450x336 instead.  This was due to some reading on various internet sites about people converting stuff for upload to YouTube and Vimeo, where they had all kinds of video (all formats, resolutions) and were trying to get something they could upload successfully that was highly compressed (mp4) and had sound sync.  Some of the information from those sites helped me come up with some of the settings I used for my project.


      And when you SEE the settings for my project you will say to yourself, "This Is Insane ! "  And you will be right !

      For some reason, only known the the video gods who lurk within silicon chips, these settings force the rendering and compression routines into creating a fantastic quality video that is once again 720x480 DV AVI type 2.


      I'm not done yet..I might go to another size, like 512x336 or 530x something....but these settings for this particular success are worth mentioning, because nothing else on earth worked, no matter what codecs were used. And these settings fly in the face of any rational thought or expectation.


      I have a bunch of screenshots to go through the facts.  You'll have to take my word for it since the AVI is 730 megabytes that it looks great and the sound is in sync.  And again, some of these settings had to do with discussions I listened to concerning issues of conversions.


      Summary : I have DV AVI type 2  720x480.  I want to make a project that is 450x336 so I can scale down the master and use portions of the same master as medium shots...which have NOT been scaled down, hence they are larger images that can be intercut with the scaled down version...I hope that makes some sense.


      Gspot Left Pane of original footage:


      gspot-original avi.png


      Gspot original AVI right panel:


      gspot-original-avi-right pane.png


      gspot exported AVI left panel (successful good looking AVI)


      gspot left panel.png


      gspot exported AVI right panel


      gspot right panel.png


      One screenshot of one out of dozens of FAILED exports...  hundreds !


      project export video-failure.png


      And, finally, screenshots of what WORKED...contrary to nature and science....

      Project settings CS3


      project settings general.png


      Project settings rendering:


      project settings rendering.png


      It gets better !


      Export settings CS3   !!!!


      project export video.png


      Look again at the gspot information about the file that got exported, and trust me it looks really good ....pretty amazing.


      I think this might help somebody someday. I know I spent an entire week of at least 12 hours each day trying to get something that WORKED to do this strange little thing....use the same footage for the wide shot and the medium shots, and get an export that looked good and had good sound. It wasn't easy.  I don't think anyone could possibly explain WHY this worked.  But I'm new at this and I humbly ask that anything that can be added to this, especially for someone out there who is struggling with similar asperations who might read this later....is very welcome.


      Thank you so much everyone here ...who with help, advice, taunts, whatever it took, got me to keep at this and get the solution.  This forum is wonderful because of everyone who contributes.....





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          No, I never saw that program before. The logo and name of company is familiar but I looked through all the products, plug-ins and so on, even legacy stuff, and can't figure out why it would be familiar to me.  Anyway, instant HD looks interesting.  Do you use that at all ?  I noticed mostly it's for going from SD to HD and at the moment I have no HD monitors.


          Not that this has anything to do with this particular product but I recall something about HD that was apparently important to those who shoot using HD.

          A motion picture camera assistant on the job had brought to work a sample DVD from a company who manufactures HD cameras. I think it was Sony, but I'm not sure. The video sample was called something like, "Girls drinking milk"...or "milk maidens"...   Does that sound familiar ?  It was two young ladies in a country setting (like a farm maybe) outside (exterior, daylight) drinking milk from an old fashioned glass milk bottle.  Sounds dumb...but the purpose was to show the fine quality of the camera and different lens sizes.


          We were shooting a large screen (HD plasma or something) with material a video guy was putting on the screen so they asked him to put in the sample DVD so we could look at it.


          What everyone was pointing out and admiring about the sample was the pixels in the out of focus areas when using a long lens.  They are apparently the first thing to go on most HD cameras...where you see the pixels to some extent on long lenses in out of focus areas (usually background). I found this interesting and have since looked at samples of HD with that in mind...  what the out of focus areas with long lens looks like.  I think it's one of those "benchmark" type things camera people look at to see if the quality is really there or not.


          The samples from the SD to HD program looked like it was doing a good job using sharpen (probably unsharp mask type stuff ? ) and anti-aliasing to come up with a pretty good conversion.


          Thanks for showing me that...I will keep it in mind for when I finally get a monitor that is HD   (still in stone age)



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            Hi again,


            Being naturally curious I looked for the red camera...the one that shot the milk girls...


            It's here:




            $17,000 aint bad ....for what it is.


            The reference to the milk girls sample (to sell the camera back when you had to reserve them) I found at this person's site:




            But it's hard to actually find the file..which is 80 meg   so I put it on my website for now in case you're interested...

            right click and "save target as" if it starts to run a program to view it online...




            Check out the background ...  everyone was kinda liking this camera a year or so ago...the potential of it...