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    thanks mr. wade


      I work in digital print, in there we totaly use PS to final editing all file before it printed, so we converting all tipe documents including .ai and even corel to Ps.  usualy I can place ai. easie, but maybe i put 150dpi it be to hard to my computer, before it I used use screen resolutions 72dpi to make artwokr in ai. or Ps with the real size dokument... how 'bout myfile yesterday..is the balls look real enaugh, or may be you have modified it and  make it more better . one question : i try to make 3d text, I'm using "times new roman". but some side of the object was lost after I make 3d effect. do you fell the same cases?and how you resolve that problems? thanks mr wade....

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          Can you post a screen shot.


          I have no issues with extruding Times New Roman and the extrude unless I do some odd type of bevel that is not properly proportionate to the font size.


          Post a screen shot and use the camera icon on the message tool bar to attach the screenshot.


          Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 10.31.39 PM.png


          BTW You're Welcome I hope you will come back and asist other users as well you seem to know your work very well.