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    PAL into HD


      Hi all,

      I am using Production Premium CS3. I have created a project in Premiere Pro using DV PAL 25fps,  only using still images that have been scanned onto the computer, also using  audio.

      When I started the project I only had a DVD player, now father Christmas has given me a Blu Ray. I have already exported the project into Encore and ready to build the project within Encore CS3. I know you can burn the project onto Blu ray and change from PAL to HD. But my question is this -

      If I change the settings from PAL 720x576 to HD 1920x1080  then burn the project onto Blu ray, will it come out visually better? i.e HD quality Or will their be no difference?


      If I do change the settings from PAL to HD, will this effect the aspect ratio? i.e. a circle in PAL mode will be seen as a circle, but will it change shape in HD?


      Thank you