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    does media encoder recompress dv/hdv

    jportx Level 1

      i've looked thru the "knowledgebase" and thru the forums and could only find this instance:



      i thought the default in CS4 when rendering video was if the source video and the target render was the same the adobe media encoder wouldn't recompress the video.


      the only reason i ask was becuase i have a 5min file that i rendered out in CS4 and it took roughly 5min to render out. which to me means that CS4 is recompressing the file when rendering. I still have CS2 installed in the same system. i transferred my edit via .aaf to CS2 and just added the video transitions, the project was just transitions and overlays.It took half that time to render out with the "recompress" unchecked.


      i have an:

      intel core2 quad w/2.4G

      2Gig Ram

      winXP sp3


      i don't normally do this, usually my projects go straight to DVD via encore. i've only started using CS4 for the last 6 months. is my computer system not optimized for CS4, which would explain the longer rendering time or does AME recompress video that has the same source to target specs?