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    Loosing Links in Premiere Pro CS4


      I copied the folders of a couple projects to a back-up drive for future use.  I didn't use the Project Manager, because I copied everything related to my project within it's own self-contained folder structure.  Since I copied everything "as is" from the original drive to the back-up I thought there would be no loss of links.  All 3 of my project now will not load, even if I copy them back to the original drive.  Note: I did recently change the drive letter to the drive the project was originally copied from.  Re-linking would be very time consuming at this point.  Why am I loosing links when the have not actually moved?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If your files are located on the same drive (letter) and with the exact same directory structure, relinking should not be necessary. However, if the program asks for file X, relinking is easy, just point to the file searched for and the other files will be found automatically. You may need to repeat that for other directories.