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    Loss of Timeline Sequences


      I am beginning to think I am going bonkers.

      I am using Premiere Pro CS3 and had have no issues with previous projects or computer drives etc. I am editing a project and have about five sequences in the project with titles and clips etc. Each sequence is arranged in its own bin etc etc The problem has just started that I save the project then come back later and the sequences have gone from the timeline back into the project media area in their respective bins but not in the timeline. I have even saved another copy but this is also the same? I can drag them back from their project bins to the timeline but it treats them as one completed 'clip' and it appear to be encoded and there fore I cant get back into it to edit again. I can of course add more titles etc and do cut and edit that way but as for editing previous titles  No. The questions I have ;

           Is this issue being caused by me?

           Is there anyway I can get the sequence back into the timeline in its original 'state' which would allow continued editing?



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          nundahman Level 1

          Well I have worked out getting sequences back and to 'original' Had a think about it , turned out I had somehow 'nested them' I think. With that I dragged them back in to timeline and then SHIFT+T opens the source sequence back in the timeline panel. Not too sure if that is why the went from the timeline in the first place. Oh well like they say in golf "Don't have to draw a picture"