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    data load fails in ie

      This problem is totally weirding me out.. I have a flash application which communicates with php files for data in xml and get/post..

      I load data with XML,load and send with LoadVars.sendAndLoad

      I load data from several php files, and all load fine, except for one, and only in ie. From firefox it loads fine.
      in the onLoad(succ) event, I get succ==false and no data is loaded.

      what weirds me out the most is that i call this php the same way, i load another one
      like the problematic one
      ( i use u=time in ms to get around ie's tendency to keep things in cache that it shouldn't)

      also if I try to access it directly from ie it returns fine

      the swf is exported for v6, the scripts and swf are on the same server/domain

      I don't know where to look anymore, and this is a very important project..

      Does anyone have any suggestions? Some ie quirk maybe?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          hmmm if it returns false then in theory its because it received nothing. I think it returns true even if the data is not good.

          try the onHTTPstatus handler. IE should give detailed info


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            Greg Dove Level 4
            Oh that won't work in v6 sorry.
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Can't think of the reason.

              to be on the safe side could you try

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                cicnats Level 1
                I tried exporting for v8 to test onHTTPStatus and got 0 .. both in ie and firefox, but it still got success==true in firefox. On the other hand, if I try from flash i get 200..


                to make things even more interesting..
                I tried getting http status on both xml loading and GET sending of data..
                in ff, I get all zeros
                in ie, i get 200 for xml's except for the one that troubles me, which returns 0, on GET I get 0

                but in ff it all loads fine, in ie the troubling one won't ...
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                  Greg Dove Level 4
                  I think its really only IE in windows that gives the detailed info, the other browsers always give zero according to the docs. In which case if you get a zero on the one that's not working while the others do in IE then there is an issue. If IE in windows returns a zero when its returning status codes properly for the others then it means (according to the docs) that flash cannot communicate with the server.

                  I'm currently dealing with some other IE oddities - along with my lack of knowledge - in javascript so you have my sympathy.

                  Questions I would ask myself.
                  -Can you show the urls being requested in a textfield to verify that (for some unknown reason) the errant one is not malformed in the IE version.
                  -What happens if you substitute a full absolute URL and test that. (where is baseURL coming from?)
                  -How many simultaneous requests are you making for loading XML?
                  IE has a difference to (for example) FF here. I'm not sure if its relevant, probably not.

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                    cicnats Level 1
                    hmm... I'm too tired+caffeinated right now to think straight.. but as far as I can figure..

                    - I have a hidden textfield debug feature (which is very nifty, btw, it shows itself if you type the right sequence, like cheat codes in doom for example) to trace various debug information, among others the url's requested, which seem fine. But it would be nice to see actual communicatin actions, like you can in safari..
                    - baseURL is relative to site root, because the code had to work on different developent servers/urls.. I will try though to use absolute urls, to see if there's any change
                    - about four on startup, after that the submit/load actions wait for the previous to finish

                    I have also tried substituting the swf with a bare test one, that did nothing else but to try a sendAndLoad with the problematic php.. and it was the same.. any other one loaded, but for this one... and another, an earlier version, with simmilar name, only with a "2" before the extension.. so tommorow I'll ask the guy who writes the php if he can try renaming it... I know it's totally ludicrous, but I'm really getting desperate..

                    I hope some sleep will help..
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                      cicnats Level 1
                      It seems this might be somehow connected to the fact that it's all on https ..

                      I have tried googling some answers to this, but it seems people have asked about this same thing previously, but not much was answered..

                      anyone here had problems/solutions/workarounds with accessing data with https from flash in ie?
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                        cicnats Level 1
                        We've solved it!

                        It's related to this: http://www.blog.lessrain.com/?p=276

                        It seems there's a bug with ie, where flash doesn't get the data if certain tags in the http headers concerning caching are set..

                        Now that we've finally found the cause it took the php/js guy 5 minutes to fix it and 5 minutes to curse m$...

                        Have a great weekend everybody! I know I will, now.