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    how to use "motion" "position" a lot on different layers

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      I have two clips , one on video 1 and another on video 2.  I used motion / position on video 2 in order to make a portion of that video move around.


      A little later in time I want to make a portion of video 1 to move around. At the time that I want video 1 to move video 2 will be transparent, so I can see video 1, as they are layered right on top of each other.


      When I select video 1 (I made in and out points for the part I want to move) with the CTI on the in point, and then select the program monitor, I see the path of the motion from video 2.  If I change that it changes the earlier motion of video 2, and video 2 becomes "highlighted" (selected) at the same time....video 1 is no longer selected when I click in the program monitor.


      How can I make a new motion in video 1, without affecting the motion in video 2  ??