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    Export Release Build for datagrid [xml file doesnt show?]


      SRC folder



                db.xml (located within assets folder)




      I am able to load the database and it populates my "db.xml" with no issues, however when I export release build and run the app - the database displays but with no information?  I noticed that the my "db.xml" was not exported as well.


      It is set up correctly? or do I need to just drop my icons, db.xml within src folder and not seperate them?



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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          When you export a release build, it takes all your MXML And ActionSCript files and turns them into a SWF without the extra debugging code.  If you are not embedding the XML in the swf, then this is expected behavior.


          In your project properties, under Flex Compiler you can try checking the "copy non-embedded files to output folder"; but I believe this is only for debugging purposes and not for exporting a release build.