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    Video size issue




      Kind off  2 issues I have here, ill have them listed..


      Some days ago we recorded with a camera our urban sledging movie.

      Recorded movie info

      File type: .M2V file

      Captured dimension:1000x576


      However when I play the video in windows media player its dimension change to 704x576

      VCL media player plays the correct dimension though it says its 704x576

      In premiere pro it also keeps the width of 704 so I cant correctly "montage" my video.


      I tried converting my video's with any video converter but when I import that converted video in premiere pro, and play it in the preview it just freezes but the audio keeps playing, its pretty frustrating...


      Tried to work this out myself. But then I decided I needed proffesional help Hope you guys can help me with these 2 "issues!


      1. Why does the width change with my captured video in some video players?
      2. How come a converted video freezes in premiere pro, but the audio does'nt?
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The reporting and display of your footage is odd. First thing that I would do would be to get the freeware utility, G-Spot, and run one of your MPEG files through it. Then, create a Project (CS3 and earlier), or Sequence (CS4) to match exactly what G-Spot reports. You will probably need to choose Desktop for your Preset, and then go to the Custom screen and adjust ALL of your setting. That should get you to editing, when you drag your Clip to the "custom" Project/Sequence that you just created.


          Also, let us know what G-Spot tells you, and someone will give you tips on editing that footage.


          Good luck,



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            Joepk Level 1

            Thnx for reply!


            I did what you said..

            What should I do next to get the video in right size?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you.


              Looks like you have MPEG-2 PAL footage, in the 704 x 576 Frame Size, 25 fps. Set up your Desktop Sequence to those specs.. With the MainConcept MPEG-2 installed (when you installed PrPro), you should be good to go.


              Now, working with compressed footage, such as this, the quality has already taken a hit. If you Export to a compressed format/CODEC, which will be likely, you will take another hit.


              Good luck,