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      Calling all Adobe geniuses: I have a question..


      I have a Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 project that uses localConnections to send and receive commands between multiple swf files. Each swf file is loaded into the master Flex application through a standard Loader object.


      Now, the issue is creating multiple localConnections to multiple swf files. I can successfully load a single swf file, establish a localConnection to it and broadcast data (continually from a Event.ENTER_FRAME function). I want the loaded swf to receive consistent data (such as a video's playheadTime).


      So, one works just fine. However, when I want to load 2 swf files and broadcast data (continually) the speed drops tremendously slow. I can successfully create the multiple connections (using a single localConnection or creating individual, unique localConnections) - but the speed drops to nothing.


      So, the question is how do I create multiple localConnections so that the main Flex application can broadcast data (continually) to different swf files (loaded via Loader objects).


      I have tried a significant number of things, including the creation of individual (unique) localConnections that would send data to each swf file on a specific channel. That works but (again) the speed drops to practically nothing. Meaning if more than 2 swf files are receiving data it isn't fast. There are large delays between updates (even after the _sender object has sent data.