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    adobe certification-benefits


      Hi and thanks for reading

      I have an urge to apply for the ACE in flash and then Flex/Air certification, basically is this a good idea ? I m also gonna be applying for jobs using the above disciplines. Has anyone out there benefitted (directly or indirectly) from doing them ? Thanks in advance.



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          funkysoul Level 4

          I've made both certifications a while ago, but to be honest, that alone wouldn't make me employ someone that has it. I mean it's a good recognition and it brings a few benefits along. But you should keep in mind that by only being certified doesn't guarantee you a job But I'm sure you know that.

          How long do you work with Flash / Flex / AIR?

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            frameJockey Level 1

            Thanks vary much for the answer , I realise it wouldn't be the sole reason for employment but it must go a long way toward a strong application ? I have been doing Flash for around 6 yrs, Flex more recently 2 yrs. Would you do it again given what you know now ?

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              funkysoul Level 4

              No problem, yeh I would do it again. But with no special reason on my backhead.

              Maybe the situation is different in the USA.

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                Ultimately it really depends on the market you are looking at. In my experience as both an employee and someone who has had to hire designers and developers. The Cert generally shows a dedication to the platform, but doesn't necessarily mean you have the skills a company is looking for. If you are looking for contract work or you are willing to relocate accross the country then sure. Its one more thing to pad your resume with. If you are looking for work in a specific market, then i would strongly suggest doing some research in that area.


                Another thing to consider is wheather or not what is tested for in the Cert will really be of value in any position you are looking at. Flash itself is a big progam and is used for a very large variety of projects. The Flash Platform is even bigger. With that come a large variety of teams, processes and workflows, that dont always have anything to do with "Best Practices" (although it never hurts to know them). In my experience its generally more important to employers that you can adapt to how they do things, than knowing whatever today's best practices are. But again, this does depend on the environment, the work you want to do, etc. For example, My current position was applied for by a lot of Adobe Certified applicants, I am not but I got the job over them for 2 key reasons beyond my experience with Flash (~5 years at the time). First reason, i could work and communicate with the teams graphic designer, in terms of Flash, general graphics, and communicating my project needs. Second reason, I understood how to adapt Flash to their business process, and business needs.    



                So, ultimately I would suggest comparing the Certification material, to what kinds of work you want to do. If they match up reasonably well, then check to see if your market looks for the Cert. Or, if you are just really motivated, go get it. It certainly wont hurt your chances.


                Just some things to consider, I hope it helps.




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                  funkysoul Level 4

                  nice post mattanddie, you hit it!