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    AE, Premiere, and Encoder all crashing. Think it's an audio problem

    garek007 Level 1



      Yesterday when I went to render from AE, it crashed when I tried to select a different codec other than "Video for Windows". No matter which codec I tried to select, instant crash. I tried to render "Video for Windows" with sound, and my video was corrupted, wouldn't even open. So I thought, OK, I'll render with no sound, and add it in Premiere. So my video renders fine with no sound from AE.


      Then I go to open Premiere and I get a crash during the splash screen on "Loading Audio Only". Media Encoder also crashes during startup, at the same spot.


      So I read some threads here, read some troubleshooting and I decide I'll try to wipe quicktime from my machine. I do that, still won't open. So I reinstall quicktime and Premiere makes it one step past the "Loading Audio Only" to something about "Quicktime ClipNotes", but then crashes there.


      I'm not sure what it is, but it seems to be connect to quicktime and/or my audio drivers?


      I uninstalled my audio driver, that didn't help. (BTW I'm was using a Realtek driver, are there issues with those? I've seen a lot of posts about it).


      A few weeks ago, Windows Media Player would not open a set of wav files I had, so I installed the K-lite codec pack to see if it would help. I think that may have been when things went south. I've uninstalled it now, but maybe there are traces left behind?


      All I know is that something is effed up. I'm going to reinstall my entire OS in a few weeks, but I need to render this one file NOW and I'm hoping I can at least get it to work for that


      I'm using an Intel Dual Core

      8GB Ram

      Windows XP

      Nvidia Graphics card

      Not sure what kind of audio card, but I can find out.





      ps, the error message I was getting out of AE was something about a 'blitpipe' (this was the error I got when trying to change codecs)