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    Video Cue Points

    George Donn Level 1

      I am trying to create a list of data that are cue point data embedded from an .FLV file and I can't find the resources how to do this - does anyone have any tips do grab cue points from an .FLV file and display them - or a reference - for FlashBuilder/Actionscipt3 ?


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          David_F57 Level 5



          Sorry I haven't got a definitive answer for you (I haven't had to much of a chance to play with OSMF). The open source media framework is probably the future direction for digital media, from what I understand you can extract the cuepoints from any element(including flv) that has cuepoint metadata.







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            rfrishbe Level 3

            Take a look at http://blogs.adobe.com/osmf/2009/11/cue_point_support_in_osmf.html for info on OSMF CuePoint support.  This was something they recently added.  Under the hood, Flex uses OSMF in the VideoPlayer, and I think the drop we're using has some cue point support yet.  However, this code may be buggy as it's something we're not exposing in Flex yet, and it hasn't really been tested.  Once OSMF goes final and ships 1.0, we will look at adding some of their newer features, like cuePoints, and exposing them directly in Flex.  For now, you could try working off of their VideoElement object directly and trying some of the strategies the blog suggested.  You can either create your own VideoElement and pass it in directly as the source of the VideoDisplay and VideoPlayer, or you could access the OSMF VideoElement object through myVideoPlayer.mx_internal::videoPlayer.element .  However, as I said, we expose this stuff to allow you access to it, but it's not officially supported or documented because this isn't tested at all.


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              George Donn Level 1

              This is very interesting ... thank you for the post - makes it easier to understand.

              -Just making sure-

              So cue point object supported in the flex 4 gumbo framework (currently on BETA 2) is using OSMF. For my purposes it can gather CUE point data (into an array or list or datagrid?) - but  it is still buggy - but for what I need will it still not preform?


              There is this link here http://mediapm.edgesuite.net/osmf/swf/CuePointSample.swf of the demo .swf is exactly what I am looking to do. Any more info on OSMF or sample projects?

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                rfrishbe Level 3

                In Beta2, Flex wasn't using OSMF under the hoods.  It was still using FLVPlayback.  We recently switched to OSMF.  As I said, this isn't supported officially, but you should give it a try.  I don't have too much info on OSMF cuePoint support as I haven't played around with it yet.