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    Wait while movie clip is loading

    ns ami

      Dear all,


      In a movie clip, I have a function named addObject(string). Inside that function I am loading another movie clip (say, myObj1_mc) using attachMovie. After loading, I need to set the string passed to the text field inside the myObj1_mc. But it is not possible to do this immediately, because the movie clip will take some time to load after the attachMovie call. Means if we set this string in the next frame, it will be working. But in my case, I have to call addObject multiple times (from a single frame). In each time, different movie clips (say, myObj1_mc, myObj2_mc, etc.) are created dynamically and texts are set. So it would be better if I can wait until the movie clip (myObj1_mc) is loaded completely so that I can set the text, before the addObject function exit.


      The scenario that I described here is an example. My question is that how can we wait, until a movie clip attached is completely functional.


      Thanks in advance.