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      Hi Guys,

            Anyone know what the following error message means?


      <error xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/adept" data="E_ADEPT_RESOURCE_DOES_NOT_EXIST http://uatacs.libredigital.com/fulfillment/URLLink.acsm 3fbe4526-e000-49b1-bed6-5f432f2d608b" />


      I bought some books off the Mills and Boon website and when I clicked download for the four ebooks that I bought the following error message came on the screen. I have tried downloading previous books on the same website and the last 10 or so books comes up witht he same error message. However, any other books older than that allow me to download them. Any help will be good guys because Mills and Boon don't seem to be interested.


      Many Thanks,

      Dave Williams