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    How does adobe count activations?


      How does adobe count the computer activations for this product.  I have activated 2 computers, deactivated 2 computers and then tried to activate another, only to be told that I have too many activations.  I've tried to used my new Sony reader and was told by Sony that is was an adobe issue.  I talked to adobe to be told it was a computer issue.  I have a new Christmas gift that is totally unuseable!  Some one should be able to figure this out!


      Please give me some help here!  It was a very expensive gift to just have sitting around.  I should have got the KINDLE!

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Deactivation does not increase your activation count.

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            janstone1 Level 1

            Then why do we bother deactivating?  I have three computers right now that adobe will not authorize and NO authorized computers to run the program on.  I am confused as to how this all works.  I have had my sony reader for a less than a week and can't use it anywhere?  What do I have to do?


            Thanks for responding Jim.  :)  No one is helping me at all with this..... Sony blames adobe, adobe blames the computer and I am having no luck. 

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              You should only need to remove the authorization if:

              - You are giving up the computer


              - You have decidied to use a different AdobeID (and give up the books the associated with the old AdobeID).


              It's the last one that may be causing you a problem as the Sony software


              I'm assuming at this point that you have submtted a web support case ( http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions  click on "Submit a web case")

              Resetting the activation count is a relatively straightforward request, that our support team can take care of, and that should get it so that you can reactivate the computers.

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                janstone1 Level 1

                Thanks Jim,  you must be tired of answering these questions.  Adobe will probably come up with a solution soon, but in the mean time we are left out in the cold.  They should follow I tunes lead... with deactivations counting towards the total


                Yes I have submitted a webcase.. Case #0181359205. following one of your other response links.  I know that when I had problems loading Adobe Digital editions, I authorized and reauthorized the computer a couple of times... that probalby adds up to 6 but there is no prewarning on the software about doing this.  I 'm sure that I wouldn't have done that if I knew.  I am just totally frustrated with the whole thing.


                Thanks again for your response\