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    Loading RSL through proxy server (error #2032)

    Eric Fingal

      My Flex application loads two RSLs (flex framework and a custom one). It loads these in the standard way, from the same directory as the application SWF file.  Some of our users however access the site externally through a proxy server called Neoteris (by Juniper Networks).  This proxy rewrites URLs in a predictable manner throughout HTML and Javascript.  It does not support Flash Player.  My main application SWF loads fine through this proxy, but when Flash Player tries to load the RSLs it gets a 404 from the proxy because it is using a standard URL "https://dev.lab.com/app/MyLib.swf".  What the proxy needs is a rewritten one. Something like: "https://extdev.lab.com/app/,DanaInfo=dev.lab.com+MyLib.swf".


      I can create that rewritten URL at runtime (in Javascript or Flex), but I don't see a way to tell Flash Player to use it when loading the RSL.  I have found I can load modules at runtime with a rewritten URL, and I can access data (BlazeDS) using a rewritten URL that I create in code.