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    Interlaced effect

    DC B. 09 Level 1

      I've seen this video being discussed on this forum some time ago:



      First off, it's an amazing piece of work. Also I was wondersing, how do you achieve that interlaced look of your footage?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Search the web for "scanlines", "surveillance camera", "bad TV" and similar terms. There's a million tutorials on how to create it manually as there are tons of plug-ins for it.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This looks like an overlay of a line pattern, color correction, 32 bit project and blend modes.


            I'd approach it this way.

            1. create a small Photoshop file with a transparent background that's 8 pixels high and 64 pixels wide. fill the top four rows of pixels with black, then select all and define a pattern called something like lines
            2. create a comp sized Photoshop file with a transparent background then fill with the pattern you just created
            3. import this file into After Effects and lay it on top of your video
            4. set this layer as an alpha track matte
            5. duplicate your video layer twice and add the exposure effect to all copies.
            6. arrange the layers like this and add additional effects
              1. video with lots of color correction and blur (box or gausian) added with blend mode set to add
              2. lines psd (track matte)
              3. video darkened and color corrected set to alpha track matte with multiply blend mode
              4. normal copy (used to bring back detail)
            7. fuss around with the settings till you get what you want.

            Here's what's going on.

            There's a blurry copy that's used to blow out the highlights on top. The next two layers give you the scan lines by using the track matte you created in Photoshop. The scan lines are set to multiply over the original footage to bring back some of the detail.


            There are about a million ways to do this, but this way should work and it will only take you about 5 minutes.

            Looks something like this....


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              DC B. 09 Level 1

              Ha-ha... Thank you.


              PS. That's a good pic, Rick.