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    HDTV not listed as "output device" option

    Chris@Table16 Level 1

      I just got CS4 Production Premium.


      I installed it on a Dell Studio XPS 8000

      Windows 7 64

      Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67Ghz 2.66Ghz 8GB cache

      8GB RAM

      GeForce GT 220


      1080p LCD HDTV plugged into graphics card via HDMI.


      I was able to get Premiere Pro to recognize the HDTV as an external monitor; it works great.  I have not had the same success with After Effects.  I have taken the steps in "preferences" to set up an external monitor via "video preview", but "Output Device" lists COMPUTER MONITOR ONLY and IEEE 1394 (OHCI COMPLIANT) as options.


      Right now, the HDTV is set up as a 2nd monitor to extend the Windows desktop.  The only thing that has come close to what I want is undocking the comp window in After Effects and dragging into the extended desktop on the HDTV.  I would prefer to get After Effects to recognize the HDTV as an "output device".


      Any suggestions?





      useless info: this is the first time I have gotten an Adobe package without Matrox Hardware support.  I've had RT.X and RT.X2 before this and considered the MXO2 mini.  My new setup has been built so that I can create projects using the Sony EX1R and I felt that Adobe could handle the 1080p24 XDCAM EX footage without help from Matrox.

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          I would prefer to get After Effects to recognize the HDTV as an "output device".


          Nope, no deal. That would have to be handled with special drivers and that's why you need video cards with such drivers to do it. AE itself has no concept of these things. Might come one day, but who knows...



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            Chris@Table16 Level 1

            Thanks.  I'll add that to my wish list for the super millennium edition.


            Perhaps the minds who made Premiere Pro capable of recognizing external monitors (CS4 PP playback settings very clearly showed that I had an LG 1080p HDTV connected) could get together with the minds who left that capability out of AE and make all things right in the world.

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              I don't think it's a matter of willingness, more of time and resources. Premiere certainly only has the code, because it needs to capture via HDMI as well, but it would be wrong to assume it can simply be plugged into AE. Also, for it to make sense AE would have to iron out a few things with RAM previews. Having 64bit in CS5 and thus longer RAM previews at HD res is certainly one step, but there are still other things to consider. Even if it is high on your priority list, it is not necessarily the most asked for and used feature, I'm sure. A lot of compositing and motion graphics is done with non-standardized formats and would not be previewable this way, anyway, when you think of digital signage, cinema, web content. It's a very specific requirement for video editors and may not rank in the top numbers....



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                Chris@Table16 Level 1

                Very well stated.  And, sometimes I do forget that there is still such a thing as celluloid.  Not to mention all the new "K"s that RED is coming up with (aren't they working on something like 27 or 28k now?)  When I look at it from that point of view, what you say makes perfect sense.


                But then why does preferences>video preview in After Effects give me the "output device" option of IEEE 1394 at NTSC 720x480?  This leads me to believe that I could plug a deck into 1394 and get a video preview.  If this is the case, then my way of thinking says it should offer other options for "output device".


                When I first set up Premiere Pro CS4, the playback settings did not list the HDMI HDTV as an external monitor option.  It wasn't until I fooled around with the system's display settings and turned the HDTV into an extention of the desktop that suddenly Premiere Pro listed it as a possible external monitor.  So, my history there (and my goofy sense of logic that makes perfect sense to me) has me wondering if a similar sequence of messing with the display options is suddenly going to make AE see the HDTV as an "output device".  I am not interested in realtime playback, merely the closest reference possible as to what my video image looks like in HD on an external monitor.  I ask "why do I need a separate video card like my old Matrox card, when standard graphics cards these days can handle HD & even have HDMI out?"


                Admittedly, I know next to nothing about the complexity & inner workings of software and computer components.  Why, I was ready to throw a party just because I successfully installed an additional hard drive in my new computer.  I must be like one of my own clients who don't understand why we can't easily separate a voice track from a music track when it's been rendered as one .mp3 file...or why we can't quickly cut a person out of a video layer and make them seamlessly interact with footage of JFK, Zemekis-style.