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    CS4 Crashing A LOT!


      FW CS4 has been crashing A LOT on both Snow Leopard (Intel MacBookPro) and old school Leopard (PPC G5). It often occurs when attempting to edit text. As soon as you place the Type tool into the existing text, you get a prolonged wheel of death and crash. Alternatively, it will also crash when doing something mundane like selecting a gradient type. Same wheel, same death.


      I could be kidding myself as the the chain of events, but It has happened AFTER saving a file and will lose data if that file has not been closed after the save. This, in particular, is very disturbing.


      I have done various things like tossed preferences and such. But this does not seem to slow down this issue. It has been happening at coupla times a week at least on various different source files.


      Anyone have any troubleshooting strategies? CS3 did this some, but not as frequently. It's a hindrance to efficiency.