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    trying to convert VB to Lingo




      i am having difficulty converting the following VB code to lingo, appreciate it if someone could have a look:


      Dim lvLineName As String


      vRet = KDPhoneControl.GetLineName(1, lvLineName)


      Its an activex component which works fine other than i can't retrieve the linename 


      below is taken from the components help

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------


      KDPhone.GetLineName Method



      Retrieves the name of a specific telephony device.


      LineID (32-Bit Integer)

      The ID of the telephony device whose name you want to retrive. The valid values are 0 to KDPhone.NumberOfLines - 1.

      LineName (String, Output Parameter)

      If the function succeeds, this parameter is filled with the line device's name.

      Return Value (32-Bit Integer)

      If the function succeeds, the return value is zero.

      If the function fails, the return value is the code of the error occurred.

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------


      I have tried using:


      sprite(1).GetLineName(1, member("line number"))

      but it doesnt work any help would be appreciated