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    Audio & Video out of synch when recorded on different devices -- please help

    Jolie H

      I recorded a show using the Canon XH-A1 HD miniDV camcorder, and recorded the audio separately by plugging a Zoom H4 directly into their mixer (MP3 format).  After capturing the audio/video from the miniDV tape and trying to synch it up to the MP3 track recorded by the Zoom, I noticed the Zoom audio increasingly became more out of synch as the timeline progressed (falling behind the camcorder audio).


      This is the first project I've used an additional separate audio recording device for, instead of just the audio from the camcorder itself.  Do I need to somehow set a data rate or something to tell both tracks to play back equally?  An audio rate pull-down, perhaps?  Anyone know anything I can do to fix the problem?


      Any advice would be greatly appreaciated.  Thanks!





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