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    navigate to url from xml file


      i've been looking for a simple way to accomplish this and can't seem to find anything. i have an xml file like below



      <Department name=" Maintenance">
      <Service url="http://mysite/Viewer.aspx?Site=Electrical">Electrical</Service>
      <Department name="Property Management">
      <Service url="http://mysite/Viewer.aspx?Site=Vacancies">Vacancies</Service>



      i then have two combo boxes, one for Department and another for service.


                 <mx:Tile width="10%" height="10%" horizontalCenter="-104" y="90">
                      <mx:Label text="Select Department" fontSize="18"/>
                  <mx:Tile width="10%" height="10%" horizontalCenter="131" y="148">
                      <mx:ComboBox id="ServiceCB" dataProvider="{DepartmentCB.selectedItem.Service}"/>
                  <mx:Tile width="10%" height="10%" horizontalCenter="-96" y="148">
                      <mx:Label text="Choose Map Service" id="mapService" fontSize="18"/>
                  <mx:Tile width="10%" height="10%" horizontalCenter="131" y="90">
                      <mx:ComboBox id="DepartmentCB" dataProvider="{dp.Department}" labelField="@name"/>

                  <mx:Tile width="10%" height="10%" horizontalCenter="0" y="218">
                       <mx:Button label="Launch Service" width="130" height="46" click="navigateToURL(new URLRequest('stuck here'))"/>


      i'm trying to launch the approriate page based on the selected Service, could anyone help me out? thanks in advance.