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    How to modify a Pod in the WASI Dashboard - HELP! PLEASE?


      Dear All.


      I am very new to Flex and programming as a whole. So please do forgive me if I do not express my query clearly or with the right info.  I'm teaching myself Flex 3 whilst trying to build an application.


      As part of my application, I am using the WASI built Dashboard which can be found here. The pods within this component are self sizing and position depending on where the other pods are placed at any given time. I'm trying to give one of the pods within the Dashboard my own default position, height and width which it should take up when the application starts. Being new to programming and Flex, I haven't a clue how to do this particular modification.


      For those smarter than I, I have included the .zip containing the docs for the component.

      Please help!


      Kind regards