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    Flash CS3 Crashing

    incubox Level 1

      I'm running CS3 on Mac 10.5.8.  Whenever I try and change the Publish Settings on a project Flash crashes.  This particular project has primarily been published as a EXE file, but the client now wants a web version so I'm trying to include a SWF, but whenever I click on that option (or any other except for APP), Flash crashes.


      I created a test.fla file, changed the default publish selections from SWF & HTML to EXE and clicked OK.  Then when I tried to revert back to SWF, Flash crashed (the moment I clicked on the SWF check box).  Based on this test I'm assuming it's not a corrupt file issue.


      I've tried repairing permissions and rebooting, I've verified I have the latest updates installed, and I tried creating a copy of the FLA in question.


      Anything else I can try?