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    No Taskbar in Premiere Elements 7


      I purchased Premiere Elements 7 three months ago, but I didn't try to install the software until yesterday.  I am using Windows 7 (64-bit) on a i7 processor.  I was able to install the software, however, whenever I run it, I cannot use the program becuase there is no taskbar at the top.  Instead, the taskbar appears to be hidden under the windows taskbar.  I have attached a screenshot of how it looks to this post.  Notice the blank space at the bottom of the screen.


      I am completely unable to use the software -- without the toolbar, it's useless.  I called technical support.  I spent several hours on the phone with them, but they were not able to help me.  I tried many things, including:  uninstalling all adobe products, cleaning the registry with the cleaning program, reinstalling as an administrator, running with a different screen resolution, updating my graphics drivers, running without all other startups and services, resizing the window, recreating the preferences folder.   Nothing has worked.  Eventually, after many hours, I was told that the technicians could not think of anything else to try.


      They transferred me to customer service, who told me they would do nothing for me and that I should post the problem on this forum.  Any help would be appreciated.  So far, adobe has not helped me at all, and I am probably going to switch to a better company, who supports their products.  Still, I am willing to try anything you can come up with here, although I feel that I have basically been given the runaround, and I am very unhappy with how Adobe has handled this issue.


      I purchased this product from Amazon.com 3 months ago, but adobe tells me that it is now an "old" product now that version 8 has come out, so I am not entitled to any support, except here on this forum.  Obviously, I cannot return the product after 3 months.  PLEASE HELP!!!  Thank you in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, you've got a number of options, all within your control, since this has nothing to do with the program itself. The easiest are:


          1) Put your Windows Taskbar someplace else -- like the bottom of your screen; or


          2) Don't maximize Premiere Elements. It will then become a floating window and you can size and place it wherever you want.

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            RossKutash Level 1

            Thank you for your response, perhaps I didn't explain properly.


            1.  If I move the windows taskbar, the premiere taskbar does not appear.  I have attached another screenshot to illustrate how the screen looks with the windows taskbar moved to the right side of the screen.  You will see, there is still no Premiere Elements Taskbar at the top of the screen, or anywhere else.

            2.  I cannot resize or move the Premiere Elements window.  It will not let me.  The edges cannot be moved.  The minimize button is not there, along with the rest of the missing taskbar.  Even if I go into the task manager and right click the program, it will not resize.


            In other words, this is a problem with the software itself, and unfortunately, not in my control.  8-(

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Again, if this were an issue with the program itself, then others would have reported it in the past year and a half it's been in circulation. It could be a Windows 7 64-bit quirk, or it could be unique to having the Task Bar at the top of the monitor when you first launch the program.


              What happens if you move the Task Bar, minimize the program (by right-clicking on it on the Task Bar) and then maximize it?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                How old is your video driver?


                How is Hardware Acceleration set?


                What are the settings in your video console for OpenGL?


                Do you have WindowBlinds installed? If so, when was it last updated?


                Any of these could cause problems with the GUI.


                Good luck,



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                  RossKutash Level 1

                  This is a problem with the Adobe Premiere Elements program itself.    I am familiar with basic windows computer operation.  Simple steps like moving the taskbar and minimizing or resizing the window do not work.  If I move the windows taskbar to any other position, i.e., the bottom or side of the screen, the premiere elements taskbar is simply missing.  Please look at the screenshot I included with my last post, which illustrates this.  That image was taken with the windows taskbar moved.


                  Further, the premiere elements window cannot be resized after I launch it.  I cannot "grab" onto any of the edges of the window with the cursor.  The buttons to resize the window are missing along with the rest of the toolbar.  Right-clicking the program on the taskbar does not give me any option to resize or minimize, etc....  Using the taskmanager, I am only given options to minimize or maximize the window, which I have tried, but which do cause the adobe elements taskbar to appear.


                  Let me be clear:  This is NOT a problem with windows settings, such as the size or location of the taskbar.  I have tried every combination of moving them and resizing them.  This is a problem with the program itself.


                  I also use Photoshop Elements 7 regularly, which has the exact same graphical layout as premiere elements, with no problems...the taskbar is at the top where it is supposed to be.


                  Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it, but the problem IS with the Adobe software, not with my windows settings.

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                    RossKutash Level 1

                    1.  I have the latest video driver, downloaded this morning from the manufacterer's website.


                    Installed Driver
                    Latest Driver
                    NVIDIA GeForce GT 220195.62Your PC currently has the latest driver  installed for your GPU. No driver update is necessary at this time.


                    2.  It appears that with Windows 7 and the GeForce GT 220, hardware acceleration is not adjustable by the user.


                    3.  I do not have WindowBlinds installed.

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                      RossKutash Level 1

                      Workaround found!


                      I tried your suggestion of moving the Windows taskbar to the bottom BEFORE i launch the program (moving the taskbar to the bottom AFTER launching the program did not work).  Sure enough, that did the trick, and the premiere elements taskbar appeared where it was supposed to be and functioned properly.  I guess there is some kind of programming bug in Premiere Elements 7 where you must launch it with the windows taskbar at the bottom or it doesn't work.  Oh well, at least I can use the program now, as long as I move the taskbar before launch.  Thank you for your help!



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Glad that you got it sorted and thanks for reporting on what worked for you. Since I always have a static Windows Taskbar, and it's located at the bottom of my screens, I would likely never have run into this with any of my Adobe programs. Now, if someone else hits against it, I have a tip to offer them, thanks to your efforts.


                        Good luck,



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                          RossKutash Level 1

                          No problem, and thanks to you for all of your suggestions.  The weird thing about it is that the problem only occurs with Premiere Elements 7 and does not occur in Photoshop Elements 7, which appears to have the same GUI.  Oh, well, someone better at this than me will have to figure that one out.  8-)




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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            Glad we could help, Ross! Once again, the amateurs beat the help desk!