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    Z@R Temp Files Remain Locked in Citrix?


      I'm running Adobe Reader 9.1 and have been noticing a problem in my Citrix presentation server 4.5 on Win 2003 64 bit environment where, after users print certain PDF documents, they get Z@R*.tmp files in their user profile...and after adobe closes, most of these temp files go away...except for maybe 5-6 different ones.  Because they stay in use, a user who goes to log off cannot have their roaming profile properly copied and deleted from the citrix farm, so everything gets moved back to the citrix profile server except for these few files....and the next time the user logs in, they get a brand new profile and everything copies back....so after a while, users get a new profile every time they log into citrix, and I have users with 20+ profile folders... not exactly a desired scenario..


      Has anyone run into this and know a workaround?  I can't seem to track down what is holding this file open in the operating system...I know acrobat is creating the files, and I can replicate the issue on my personal workstations, even on 9.2 and in Win 7 32 bit....but the files do eventually get deleted by the app...although sometimes not right away.  Any troubleshooting tips are appreciated!